Pierre Marcolini: my favorite chocolatier


Most people have never heard of Pierre Marcolini, a Belgian chocolatier who has been my favorite for so many years. The reason people have never heard of him is that he does not have shops on every high street, airport, and shopping mall (unlike Leonidas and Godiva, two chocolate brands that I do NOT recommend […]

Minamoto Kitchoan: beautiful Japanese pastries in San Francisco


If you’ve been walking along Market Street in the Financial District of San Francisco, you might have noticed a small Japanese boutique that looks nothing like the pastry stores in the city. The shop is Minamoto Kitchoan, which sells wagashi, traditional pastries served at the tea ceremony. Everything is imported from Japan to guarantee the […]

Mypressi Twist portable espresso maker


I can’t believe no one thought of this sooner. Mypressi TWIST is a portable espresso maker for people who want to have good coffee wherever they are, even in a location infested with Starbucks coffee outlets. According to the mypressi website, “the TWIST requires no external power to produce single or double shots from either […]